Vixen 2,8-15×56

Vixen 2,8-15×56  á hreindyra riffilinn

Verð 170.000

The Vixen <b> rifle scope 2.8-15 x 56</b> offers an extremely wide range of applications thanks to its large magnification range of <b>2.8-15x</b>. <br> 

The glass features the modern<b>reticle BDC10</b>.<br>
With the 15x magnification, it is just as suitable for long range shooters as it is for mountain hunters.
Even at short distances, such as for driven hunting, it can score just as well with its <b>2.8x magnification</b> and a wide field of view of <b>13.5 m</b>.<br> The good light transmission of the glass makes shooting possible even in poor lighting conditions. 
Its low weight of just <b>785 g</b> keeps the weight of the weapon low and thus agility high.