A-Tec End Cap Brake

“End cap brake” eru til á flestar gerðir A-Tec  deyfa

Verð:   A-Tec Optima 40  25.000 kr  , Optima 45  25.000 kr  Optima 50  25.000 kr

H2  25.000 kr H2  Mega 30.000 kr

Change the front module on your H2 or Optima silencer and it will make your gun even more suitable for sport shooting and driven hunts.

The EndCap brake mounted on your silencer will reduce both recoil and barrel rise siginificantly, and you still have the advantages of an silencer.

The A-TEC ECB is currently available for these models:
A-TEC Mega H2
A-TEC Optima 45
A-TEC Optima 50
A-TEC Optima 60