Bettinsoli Overland

Bettinsoli Overland  Model Ell cal 12  hlauplengt 70cm

fjöldi aukaþrenginga vönduð taska , ólarfestingar, vönduð nota í skeftum

Jói byssusmiður hefur  selt þessar byssur í yfir 20 ár og  þjónustað þær vel.

Verð 390.000kr

  • Mechanical Production
    • All components are machined on the latest state-of-the-art CNC machines and a well equipped metrological room allows measurement and tolerance control.
  • Bar Processing
    • The production cycle of barrels starts from steel bars that have been made according to the standards set out by the specifications given by the University of Mechanical Engineering in Brescia.
  • Stock and Forend Production
    • The origin of a stock starts, therefore, from pulling down the tree. This is a slow and tedious job because the tree is literally eradicated from the ground with its roots and then sectioned in to planks.