M12 EXPERT cal. 6,5×55. Hlauplengd 56 cm. Heildarlengd 105,5 cm. Skefti er olíuborin honta í viðargæðum 5. Skotafjöldi 5+1.

Verð 439.000 kr.

Vörulýsing framleiðanda: Sporter stock with straight back, long pistol grip, protruding German cheek piece and characteristic “MAUSER trapezium” above the trigger producing a racy line. With class 5 walnut and a black forearm end-piece, the EXPERT clearly shows that, in terms of shape and function, a classical bolt action rifle can only carry one name: MAUSER.

Olíuborin hnota í viðargæðum 5.

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