M03 TRAIL er fáanlegur í eftirtöldum caliberum: .308 Win., .30-06, 8x57IS, 9,3×62

Stuttur skógarveiðiriffil með 47 cm hlauplengd. Heildarlengd er 99 cm. 5+1 magasín. Lýsing framleiðanda: For everyone who carries the M 03 TRAIL bolt action rifle on their backs and give their absolute maximum performance, actions count, not words. With weapons, facts count: The manual cocking system can be operated while wearing gloves, a lockable 5-shot magazine, 360-degree rotatable sling swivel on the muzzle, additional side-mounted sling swivel socket on the stock, muzzle with muzzle-safe contour, non-slip orange stock inlays. In short: 99 cm MAUSER tool instead of too many words.